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On some occasions, it is not clear the role that the platform plays in the case of financing through Crowdlending and you may think that it is, in this case, Good Finance that funds the loan operations, but it is not.

The function of the platform is to manage these loans, which is responsible for raising the interests between investors and companies, but the money is funded directly through individuals who decide to invest part of their savings in Crowdlending.

You can get the best business loans for small business online today

Since a company registers on our platform and once the relevant documentation has been provided, the company obtains a response in an average of 48 hours. Once the project is published, it is funded by investors. There are projects that are published and on the same day are funded, but could be raising funds with a maximum period of 21 days.

The best business loans for small business at are very fast.

Therefore the actions of the platform would be summarized in:

  • Study and publication of a business loan
  • Facilitate access to all investors who want to invest and provide the tool
  • Formalization of the loan agreement between the company and investors
  • Collection of fees and distribution thereof among investors who have participated.

Loans for businesses previously analyzed by the platform

Loans for businesses previously analyzed by the platform

Not all loan applications that reach Good Finance are approved. In order to offer investors a guarantee and security, companies that request financing through our platform pass a preliminary analysis to check the economic health of the company and guarantee as much as possible to its investors that the money will be returned. As with any loan, there is always a risk that cannot be controlled, but the purpose of the platforms is to filter applications and try to minimize that risk to the maximum.

Flexible business loans

Flexible business loans

The company whenever you want can repay your loans both totally and partially, without any commission for doing so. In these cases the fee to be paid by the company would be reduced.

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